Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Automatic doors

Me and my sister were walking out of Wilkos yesterday, and as we were walking through the slidey doors she said 'open sesame'. Now normally this wouldn't be worth mentioning, because every sane person says 'open sesame' when they walk through automatic doors, but I'm telling you about it because there followed an interesting discussion about how they knew you wanted to go through. We came up with the new and controversial theory that, despite evidence to the contrary, the doors are not, in fact, sound sensitive (and if you don't belive me, I tried it! They do open even if you don't say 'open sesame'!).
Our new and amazing theory was that the doors were mildly telepathic, they pick up the expectation of opening which your brain radiates and convert it into the electronic signals which open the door. This means that if someone who has never been through slidey doors before went through on their own, it wouldn't open! (And then they would walk slap bang into it! hah!)
It anyone cares to test this out for me by finding someone who hasn't ever used one, I would be most grateful, otherwise I will just assume I'm right (of course).

P.S. If you are from the Nobel Prize committee and reading this, please post a message and I'll send you my contact details right away, although I must insist any credit is shared jointly with my sister.


Anonymous said...

Hello, this is the nobel prize commitee. We would, contact you through email, only we are unable to find your email address.

James nobely person thingy.

Radox the Nurse said...

They contain Sirius Cybernetics GPP (Genuine People Personalities) and in answer to the obvious question, (You can not be Sirius!) I am!