Tuesday, 13 March 2007


On the way home from school, me and a friend (hi Jamie *waves*) were having a conversation about conversations, I thought it would be brilliant if two people could have a conversation about two different things at the same time! There would be no more boring chats or awkward silences if each person thought they were talking about their own passionate interest.
For the purpose of demonstration, I shall now introduce my mate Cath, a Doctor Who fan who is discussing lord of the rings (or so I think) with me:

Me: Tolkien rocks! I love Aragorn.
Cath: Yeah, he's my favorite character too, his sonic screwdriver is awesome!
Me: Yes, it's inspiring how his sword got reforged just in time to slay all those orcs.
Cath: Don't be silly, there weren't any darleks in episode three!

And so on. You see? Wouldn't the world be a better place if we weren't required to pay any attention to what other people are saying!


me said...

I'm her sister! i want credit! give me credit! now!!!!

Anonymous said...

aww poor christa :p HAHA I GOT CREDIT AND YOU DIDN'T OWNAGE!!!! :P (ETC)